Like all other wedding aspects, invitations are continually evolving. Now more than ever, brides are exposed to a myriad of choices when it comes to wedding invitation papers, fonts, colors, textures, and embellishments. This makes it difficult to decide on a design that reflects your personal style as well as your wedding-day vision. We've set forth to discover some of the hottest wedding invitation trends for 2019 that we might see for years to come.

• Custom illustrations

Apparently, we are moving on from wedding invites with pictures to custom illustrations. This is an easy and effective way of personalizing your wedding invites. You can have the wedding venue, your portraits, flowers, your parents' names, or even the map illustrated. While custom illustrations might appear pricey, if you are a person who appreciates art, the price will be well worth it. Besides, they might just be the perfect keepsake for your guests.

• Nature-inspired wedding invites

The increase in nature-inspired invites can be attributed to the rise in rustic weddings. These invites incorporate earthy elements such as leather or wood as well as pictures of mountains, birds, trees, colorful blooms, or flower garlands. They have a soft yet vibrant color palette and could include colors such as brown, green, blue, and purple.

• Mixed metals

Metallic hues have become quite popular in wedding decorations in the past few years. In 2019, stationers have found a unique way of making your wedding invites stand out by adding metallic adornments and foil embellishments on your wedding invites. Metallic hues such as copper, gold, and silver are quite common. This trend is perfect for couples whose weddings feature a metallic theme.

• Clean and modern invites

With the current DIY craze, it is no wonder that the clean and modern wedding invite is trending. Normally, the invite features a straightforward look with a bold monogram of the couple's names or initials. If you are the bold type, you could do bright fonts against a smoky gray paper. Letterpress is also an effective way of achieving a clean modern look.

• Bold envelope liners

In 2019, couples are adding the 'wow' factor to their wedding invites using a bold envelope liner. If your wedding invitation design is rather simple, add a pop of color by including a floral envelope liner or one with a sketch of the skyline.

• Dark colored invites

Couples are slowly shifting from the traditional dusty pink and white hues and including dark and moody color palettes on their wedding invites. In 2019, we are seeing more navy, black, and shades of brown that make other details on your wedding invite pop. These work exceptionally well if your wedding is going to be held in the dead of winter. Dark, moody colors are an easy way to strike a super romantic mood.

• Geometric wedding invitation cards

Gone are the days when wedding invites used to be rectangular or square. Nowadays, die-cut and geometric shaped invitations are being used by couples who want to achieve a classic yet trendy look. This trend augurs well with modern-day décor trends such as geometric ring boxes and glass terrariums.

The wedding invite gives guests a glimpse of what they should expect on your wedding day. Work with a reliable stationer to come up with a wedding invite color, details, motif, and a style that reflects your wedding day.