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Entrepreneurs fund their business with their personal savings, business profits, and business bank and credit loans. About 21.9% of small firms have used personal and family savings to finance their business while 5.7% have used their profits and assets, and 8% have used business loans. 

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The United States ranks one out of 137 companies listed on the Global Entrepreneurship and Develop ment Index (GEDI) as of 2018. The GEDI collects date on various different entrepreneurial factors in several different countries and weighs them against the social and economic infrastructure. There are various reasons why most businesses fail. Accordingly, a surprising 42% of businesses fall short because there is no available market. Around 29% fail because they ran out of cash due to decrease cash flow, 23% don’t have the right team to help them succeed, and 17% fail because they don’t have a strong enough business model or system of invoicing available.

With such event, a businessman must have to set up security measure to prevent such scenarios of failure.  An possible solution would be is having a good invoicing system that would protect the financial aspect of the company.  

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Basing on the potential utilization of the system, a invoicing template is necessary to customized the company’s needs.  FreshBooks’ free word invoices may offer an easy way of creating quality customized invoices.  an invoice template word, can save a ample time to generate your own invoice.  The invoice system is one of the most difficult to fit into the business puzzle. Individuals need to be paid differently, depending on their location and circumstances. An invoice is an official bill sent to clients for the services rendered. It has descriptions of the items, the amount the client owes you and the mode of payment. For the huge companies, accountants are usually in charge for the invoicing, but for small businesses, the owners take up the role of doing it. Restructuring invoices has a central role in determining the success of an organization. You need to be acquainted with some of the invoicing terms that are commonly used in business payments. These include terms of amount delivery, sales cost, payment methods, and the due dates. Familiarize yourself with some of the invoicing terms. 

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Having an accurate and efficient invoicing system is an essential requirement for small business. It does not only open a wide variety of payment options but also strengthens bonds between clients and business owners. It even better shows high levels of professionalism.